I've worked on animating the strip artwork for many years but for some reason the stuff has never got off my hard drive.  Generally I encountered technical roadblocks with animation software that were subsequently discontinued, scanners, PCs.  I made a whole lot of stuff and lost it.  Below is an animation done in the early 2000s from a strip done about that time.  I am damn well sick of it and look fwd to doing something else.



The strip limps along...



This Summer's Thistle Nationals saw my niece Bridgette and her friend Megan get up on talent night to portray Dave and Joe in a few of their favorite episodes!

 This was the first stage presentation of my work and I felt like Tennessee Williams.




Sailing World review of The Adventures of Dave and Joe.



Sailing Anarchy posted a cartoon and nice review of The Adventures of Dave and Joe.  Sailing Anarchy is a hugely popular international sailing news/interest website and a lot of people saw it : )